The Livelihood Security is the aspiration of every human. Today in our dynamically changing economic system, the common man’s life planning is redefined with top priority to the livelihood security. The project is to develop a Dynamic Asset which performs as a permanent source of income and for the welfare of the associates. This is a horticulture estate development project. The project execution and planning of the crops are to produce a best periodic income. The high appreciation of the land estate Creates financial Boon at critical times and paves a way to the comfortable retirement life. This is the way of creating an eternal and assured livelihood.

Theme of the project

is a scientific agricultural Activity exclusively for Fruits and vegetables. Generally the crops are planned with genetically improved varieties of saplings for the best possible results in yields and periodic returns. Crops are decided and listed based on the forecasting and proposals of the agronomists. The crop returns are distributed among the associates in proportion to their land holdings. Here is the illustration of feasible crop returns.

Illustration of periodic crop returns per acre

crop II - year + III - year + IV - year+ remarks crop span (approx)
Guava(Thailand) 75,000=00 1,50,000=00 2,00,000=00 Increases with plant age 22-25Years
Apple Bear 55,000=00 1,50,000=00 2,00,000=00 Increases with plant age 20 Years
Custard Apple (Supreme) 75,000=00 2,50,000=00 Increases with plant age 20 years
Kala jauman (imported variety) 50,000=00 Increases with plant age 50 Years
Jack fruit (imported Variety) 50,000=00 1,50,000=00 Increases with plant age 100- 125 Years
Mango (Alponsa) 1,00,000=00 Increases with plant age 40-50 Years

As per the information given by the Agronomists and field information from prospective Farmers (corp growers) under hi density crop condition.

Route map

Brains behind the

What our associates say

I think this is the best investment I did. My kids, my family everybody is excited to have our estate in Life in green. Now we are looking for our First crop.

Sunil QA Manager, REALPAGE

It’s an amazing project. I have no words to explain my feeling when I first step into my farm. I am sure my property will appreciate beyond my expectation.

Padma Senior HR Professional, United Health Group

I am very happy the way farm is developing and these cops will definitely give me a very good income and I am observing the way the land values are going on. I don’t think it will take much time for 100% increase of my investment. Now I am planning to have some more number of units in

Satya Narayana Manager Logistics, Reliance(Retail)

This is exclusively an agricultural project unlike few other such projects I have seen in Bangalore and other places. The crops that are grown here, especially the optional crops are amazing. I am happy to have few more units



- A Dependable Source of Livelihood

Primary objective of any investment is appreciation of our principal Amount. If that appreciation hedges the principal amount against the inflation rate, that is good investment. After that if the investment could produce a periodic income that is the best option of investment. When such investment is feasible with minimum risk of practically zero that is a Dependable Source of Livelihood. is to develop a Dependable source of livelihood for the associates. A dependable source of livelihood only brings the state of comfort and warmth of confidence in the lifestyle. Life is beautiful for the eyes which can see this world from higher altitudes of the confidence level.

Feasible Average Annual Appreciations

Bank Deposits - 8.25%
Gold, Silver & Metal - 10%
Mutual Funds - 15%
Constructions & Real Properties - 18%
Life in Green - 24%

Risk of Investment

Bank Deposits
Gold, Silver & Metal
Mutual Funds
Constructions & Real Properties
Life in Green