Welcome to LIfe in Green


The Livelihood Security is the aspiration of every human. Today in our dynamically changing economic system, the common man’s life planning is redefined with top priority to the livelihood security.


The Economy of a country is the system of cyclic processes with opportunities and periodic fluctuations. The fluctuations are painful for many, especially for salaried employees and upcoming business people, whose lifestyles are directly affected. Managing economic policy to even out the fluctuations is a difficult task in a society with a complex economy, even when famous Keynesian theory is applied. An effective means to cope with any fluctuations is to attain a promising state of livelihood. To that matter, the ultimate goal of any human is to reach a secure state of livelihood. It’s not only to protect against critical situations and economic fluctuations, but also for a stress-free lifestyle and a pleasant environment.


The Concept of Life in Green of GreenDays Agro Projects assures the livelihood and protects the lifestyle of the associates from all the fluctuations and disturbances of the system. The living standards are elevated well above the influence of the inflation rate or price indexes. In this concept a highly secured Real Investment System is implemented which paves a way for the associates for attaining high financial status and promising livelihood for their full life span and for their future generations.